Press releases - 2005

Date Titles
21 Dec 2005

Dirk Witteveen to chair Joint Forum

20 Dec 2005

Joint Forum issues consultation paper on high-level business continuity principles

5 Dec 2005

Quarterly Review, December 2005

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29 Nov 2005

FSF meets with the hedge fund community and their counterparties

28 Nov 2005

Basel Committee issues consultative document on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans

22 Nov 2005

Basel Committee issues consultative document on home-host information sharing for effective Basel II implementation

17 Nov 2005

OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2005

16 Nov 2005

FSF concludes fourth Latin American regional meeting

7 Nov 2005

Hervé Hannoun appointed as BIS Deputy General Manager

19 Oct 2005

Preliminary data for BIS international banking statistics released

11 Oct 2005

BIS appoints Daniel Lefort as General Counsel

25 Sep 2005

Communiqué of the Ministers and Governors of the Group of Ten

9 Sep 2005

Financial Stability Forum holds its fourteenth meeting in London

5 Sep 2005

Quarterly Review, September 2005

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29 Jul 2005

BIS consolidated banking statistics for the first quarter of 2005

29 Jul 2005

Enhancing Corporate Governance for Banking Organisations

18 Jul 2005

Solutions for the application of Basel II to some trading-related exposures and the treatment of double default effects

13 Jul 2005

Basel Committee meets with wider group of supervisors; issues documents on Basel II and the use of the fair value option

27 Jun 2005

BIS amends Statutes to streamline governance

27 Jun 2005

BIS holds Annual General Meeting and releases its 75th Annual Report

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13 Jun 2005

Quarterly Review, June 2005

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1 Jun 2005

BIS completes redistribution of shares

30 May 2005

FSF concludes first African regional meeting

20 May 2005

OTC derivatives markets activity in the second half of 2004

19 May 2005

International Journal of Central Banking launched

17 May 2005

Central Bank Cooperation at the Bank for International Settlements

9 May 2005

New developments in large-value payment systems

9 May 2005

Central bank oversight of payment and settlement systems

9 May 2005

General guidance for payment system development

9 May 2005

Timothy F Geithner appointed CPSS Chairman

3 May 2005

BIS consolidated banking statistics for the fourth quarter of 2004

29 Apr 2005

Basel Committee issues guidance on the compliance function in banks

11 Apr 2005

Basel Committee and IOSCO propose solutions for certain trading-related exposures and double default effects under Basel II

18 Mar 2005

Joint Forum issues report on credit risk transfer

17 Mar 2005

Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity in 2004

11 Mar 2005

Financial Stability Forum holds its thirteenth meeting in Tokyo

11 Mar 2005

FSF announces a new process to promote further improvements in offshore financial centres (OFCs)

7 Mar 2005

BIS Quarterly Review, March 2005

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7 Mar 2005

Zhou Xiaochuan appointed Chairman of the BIS Asian Consultative Council

7 Mar 2005

BIS appoints Günter Pleines to head Banking Department