Press releases - 2002

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9 Dec 2002

BIS Quarterly Review December 2002 - International banking and financial market developments

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9 Dec 2002

Report explores legal underpinnings of the international financial system

25 Nov 2002

Hague Arbitral Tribunal decision regarding the repurchase of privately held shares of the Bank for International Settlements

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13 Nov 2002

Assessment methodology for Recommendations for Securities Settlement Systems

11 Nov 2002

BIS opens Representative Office for the Americas

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8 Nov 2002

Acceleration of OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2002

23 Oct 2002

BIS consolidated banking statistics

14 Oct 2002

Asia/Pacific nations declare that quick disposal of non-performing loans is vital for strengthening financial systems

1 Oct 2002

Quantitative Impact Survey of New Basel Capital Accord

27 Sep 2002

Communique of the Ministers and Governors of the Group of Ten

19 Sep 2002

Customer due diligence: a new level of commitment among bank supervisors

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19 Sep 2002

Twelfth International Conference of Banking Supervisors

18 Sep 2002

Policy issues for central banks in retail payments

10 Sep 2002

Committee to aid search for new BIS General Manager

9 Sep 2002

BIS Quarterly Review, September 2002

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4 Sep 2002

FSF reviews vulnerabilities and efforts to strengthen the international financial system

28 Aug 2002

Basel Committee releases survey on internal audit in banks

26 Jul 2002

BIS consolidated banking statistics for the first quarter of 2002

10 Jul 2002

Basel Committee reaches agreement on New Capital Accord issues

8 Jul 2002

BIS holds Annual General Meeting and releases its 72nd Annual Report

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27 May 2002

BIS Quarterly Review June 2002 - International banking and financial market developments

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15 May 2002

Rapid expansion of OTC derivatives market in the second half of 2001

8 May 2002

BIS consolidated international banking statistics for the fourth quarter of 2001

8 May 2002

International Association of Deposit Insurers to locate new secretariat in Basel

30 Apr 2002

Second FSF regional meeting with Latin American authorities

22 Apr 2002

Communiqué of the ministers and governors of the Group of Ten

17 Apr 2002

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision supports collective action to halt terrorist funding

11 Apr 2002

First FSF regional meeting with central and eastern European authorities

26 Mar 2002

Financial Stability Forum holds its seventh meeting

18 Mar 2002

Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity in 2001

11 Mar 2002

BIS Quarterly Review March 2002 - International banking and financial market developments

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13 Feb 2002

CGFS releases report on IT innovations and financing

28 Jan 2002

BIS international consolidated banking statistics - third quarter of 2001

21 Jan 2002

New Basel Committee paper explores roles of auditors and bank supervisors

7 Jan 2002

BIS Board elects new Chairman and President