Press releases - 1998

Date Titles
23 Dec 1998

The global OTC derivatives market at end-June 1998

10 Dec 1998

Multilateral financial assistance to the Banco Central do Brasil

1 Dec 1998

BIS appoints leadership of the Financial Stability Institute

30 Nov 1998

BIS Quarterly Review, December 1998

30 Nov 1998

BIS consolidated international banking statistics for end-June 1998

30 Nov 1998

Survey of disclosures about trading and derivatives activities

9 Nov 1998

Executive appointments approved

9 Nov 1998

Enhancing the Transparency of the Authorities' Foreign Currency Liquidity Position

27 Oct 1998

Instruments eligible for inclusion in Tier 1 capital

22 Oct 1998

Tenth International Conference of Banking Supervisors

19 Oct 1998

Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity in April 1998: Preliminary Global Data

14 Oct 1998

The Basle Committee issues consultative paper on loan valuation, loan loss provisioning and credit risk disclosure

6 Oct 1998

Mr. Hanley Clark (West Virginia, United States) elected Chairman of the IAIS Executive Committee

6 Oct 1998

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) Fifth Annual Conference: New Global Insurance Standards Adopted

4 Oct 1998

Communiqué of the ministers and governors of the Group of Ten

22 Sep 1998

The Basle Committee Issues a Framework for Internal Control Systems in Banking Organisations

22 Sep 1998

The Basle Committee Issues Guidance on Bank Transparency

22 Sep 1998

The Basle Committee releases paper on operational risk management

17 Sep 1998

Report on OTC Derivatives: Settlement procedures and counterparty risk management

2 Sep 1998

Supervisory Information Framework for derivatives and trading activities

31 Aug 1998

BIS Quarterly Review, September 1998

21 Jul 1998

Federal Reserve Governor Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. to chair Joint Year 2000 Council

13 Jul 1998

New Chairman of the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems

13 Jul 1998

Central bankers encouraged by private sector progress on reducing FX settlement risk

11 Jul 1998

BIS opened its Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

6 Jul 1998

Recommendation on the development of national Year 2000 strategies

9 Jun 1998

Mr. McDonough appointed Chairman of the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision

8 Jun 1998

The 68th Annual General Meeting of the BIS

8 Jun 1998

Excerpts from the speech delivered by Alfons Verplaetse to the 68th Annual General Meeting of the Bank

2 Jun 1998

BIS Quarterly Review, June 1998

25 May 1998

Consolidated international banking statistics for end-1997

19 May 1998

Joint Year 2000 Council

27 Apr 1998

Communiqué of the ministers and governors of the Group of Ten

21 Apr 1998

BIS Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific

9 Apr 1998

Global Round Table on the Year 2000

7 Apr 1998

Statements relating to the Basle Capital Accord of July 1988

6 Apr 1998

BIS shares dividend

6 Apr 1998

New Chairman of the Euro-Currency Standing Committee

20 Mar 1998

Risk Management for Electronic Banking and Electronic Money Activities

12 Mar 1998

BIS Institute for Financial Stability