BIS management speeches - 1998 to 1999

Date Titles
1 Dec 1999

Instabilité des flux internationaux de capitaux et crises financières

Article by André Icard published in 'Rapport Moral sur l'Argent dans le Monde 1999', Association d'Economie Financière, Paris, December 1999

15 Nov 1999

International Financial Arrangements: Architecture and Plumbing

The Third David Finch Lecture by Andrew Crockett, the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements and the Chairman of the Financial Stability Forum, in Melbourne, 15 November 1999.

13 Nov 1999

The Euro and Financial Markets: Challenges for Bankers and Policymakers

Paper by William R White presented at the XIth World Congress on Agricultural Credit held in Florence on 13-16 November 1999 and organised by CICA

2 Oct 1999

Strengthening financial stability: institutional approach or pragmatic multitherapy?

Speech by André Icard at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 2 October 1999 and published in 'Global Financial Crises: Lessons from recent events', BIS and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

10 Jun 1999

Une réponse aux crises du système financier international: le Forum de stabilité financière

Speech by André Icard at the XVI Journèes Internationales d'Économie Monètaire et Bancaire GRIEF Universitè de Poitiers, 10 June 1999.

22 Oct 1998

Banking Supervision and Financial Stability

The William Taylor Memorial Lecture by Andrew Crockett, General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements, in Sydney, 22 October 1998.