IFC Bulletins - 2011 to 2015

Date Titles
Nov 2015

Proceedings of the Kuala Lumpur Satellite meeting at the ISI Regional Statistics Conference on "Is the household sector in Asia overleveraged: what do the data say?", 15 November 2014.

IFC Bulletin  | No 40
Apr 2015

Proceedings of the Seventh IFC Conference on "Indicators to support monetary and financial stability analysis: data sources and statistical methodologies", Basel, 4-5 September 2014.

IFC Bulletin  | No 39
Feb 2015

Proceedings of the workshop on "Financial Inclusion Indicators", co-hosted by the Bank Negara Malaysia, Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur, 5-6 November 2012.

IFC Bulletin  | No 38
Jan 2014

Proceedings of the Porto Workshop on "Integrated management of micro-databases", Porto, 20-22 June 2013.

IFC Bulletin  | No 37
Feb 2013

Proceedings of the Sixth IFC Conference on "Statistical issues and activities in a changing environment", Basel, 28-29 August 2012.

IFC Bulletin  | No 36
Feb 2012

Proceedings of the workshop "Data requirements for monitoring derivative transactions", organised by the People's Bank of China and the Irving Fisher Committee, Zhengzhou, 27-29 September 2010.

IFC Bulletin  | No 35
Dec 2011

Proceedings of the IFC Conference on "Initiatives to address data gaps revealed by the financial crisis", Basel, 25-26 August 2010.

IFC Bulletin  | No 34