CPMI - last 5 years

Most reports published by the CPMI are analytical and explore various issues related to payment, clearing and settlement systems or, more specifically, to large-value payment systems, retail payment instruments and systems, settlement mechanisms for foreign exchange transactions, securities clearing and settlement systems, and clearing and settlement mechanisms for derivatives transactions. More ...

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Mar 2018
No 174

Central bank digital currencies

Report submitted by a Working Group established by the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures and the Markets Committee.

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Feb 2018
No 173

Cross-border retail payments

Dec 2017
No 172

Statistics on payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPMI countries - Figures for 2016

Sep 2017
No 170

Discussion note - Reducing the risk of wholesale payments fraud related to endpoint security - consultative document

Sep 2017
No 169

Harmonisation of the Unique Product Identifier - Technical Guidance

Aug 2017
No 168

Methodology of the statistics on payments and financial market infrastructures in the CPMI countries (Red Book statistics)

Jul 2017
No 167

Implementation monitoring of PFMI: Level 2 assessment report for Singapore

Jul 2017
No 166

Implementation monitoring of PFMI: Fourth update to Level 1 assessment report

Jul 2017
No 165

Chairs' Report on the Implementation of the Joint Workplan for Strengthening the Resilience, Recovery and Resolvability of Central Counterparties

Jul 2017
No 164

Analysis of Central Clearing Interdependencies

Jul 2017
No 163

Resilience of central counterparties (CCPs): Further guidance on the PFMI - Final report

Jul 2017
No 162

Recovery of financial market infrastructures - Revised report

Jun 2017
No 161

Framework for supervisory stress testing of central counterparties (CCPs) - consultative report

Jun 2017
No 160

Harmonisation of critical OTC derivatives data elements (other than UTI and UPI) - third batch, consultative report

May 2017
No 159

Implementation monitoring of PFMI: Level 2 assessment report for Hong Kong SAR