Conferences - Past conferences

Date Titles
Jun 2005

4th BIS Annual Conference: Past and Future of Central Bank Cooperation

Fourth BIS Annual Conference on "Past and Future of Central Bank Cooperation" held in Basel, Switzerland, 27-29 June 2005.

Sep 2004

Workshop on 'The pricing of credit risk'

Jun 2004

3rd BIS Annual Conference: Understanding Low Inflation and Deflation

Third BIS Annual Conference on "Understanding Low Inflation and Deflation" held in Brunnen, Switzerland, 18-19 June 2004.

May 2004

Accounting, Transparency and Bank Stability

Mar 2004

Asian bond markets: issues and prospects

Joint Korea University and the Bank for International Settlements conference on "Asian bond markets: issues and prospects", Seoul, Korea, 21-23 March 2004.

Oct 2003

Conference on 'Market Discipline: The Evidence across Countries and Industries'

Mar 2003

Conference on 'Monetary stability, financial stability and the business cycle'

Oct 2002

Third Joint Central Bank Research Conference on Risk Measurement and Systemic Risk: Programme

Sep 2002

China's capital account liberalisation: international perspective

Joint seminar of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the Bank for International Settlements on "China's capital account liberalisation: international perspective", Beijing, China, 12-13 September 2002.

Jun 2002

Risk and stability in the financial system: what role for regulators, management and market discipline?

May 2002

Basel II: An Economic Assessment

Mar 2002

Conference on 'Changes in risk through time: measurement and policy options'