Project Aurum

Aurum is a retail CBDC technology prototype, comprised of a wholesale interbank system and a retail e-wallet system, setting up two different types of tokens: intermediated CBDC and stablecoins backed by CBDC in the interbank system. While intermediated CBDC is a direct liability of the central bank, CBDC-backed stablecoins are liabilities of the issuing bank, with its backing assets held by the central bank. The prototype is designed under the principles of safety, flexibility and privacy.

The project was carried out by the Innovation Hub's Hong Kong Centre in partnership with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute.

Interested central banks may approach Jack Ho for further information.

Governance and contribution

The source code and technical manuals are managed by the BIS. They are made accessible to all central banks to serve as a public good for the further study of retail CBDC by the central banking community.