Selection criteria for IFC Working Papers

In order to be considered for publication in the IFC Working Paper Series, papers should:

  • Be analytical by nature, contain significant original research not previously published, and refer to existing literature
  • Cover statistical issues of interest to central banks or be directly related to a statistical topic covering economic, monetary and financial stability
  • Appeal to an international audience

Editorial review process

Submitted papers will go through a formal editorial review process. Each paper will be reviewed by 2 members of the IFC Executive who will determine the analytical/academic value of the paper and make a recommendation to the Executive.

Submission instructions

  • Final drafts of the papers should be submitted in the official template used for IFC publications
  • Only English language papers will be considered for publication
  • All submissions should include a separate title page with the author's name and contact information
  • An abstract of strictly 100 words or less must accompany the paper
  • A list of references should be included at the end of the paper
  • Papers accepted for publication will be expected to conform to the general style of IFC Working Paper Series