Statistical issues and activities in a changing environment

IFC Bulletin No 36
February 2013

Papers in this volume were prepared for the IFC Conference held in Basel on 28-29 August 2012.

Session 1: Measuring the shadow banking system

Session 2: Measuring the shadow banking system, continued

Session 3A: Residential property price indices

Session 3B: Measuring expectations

Session 3C: Monitoring commodity markets

Session 4A: Measuring commercial property prices

Session 4B: Measuring expectations

Session 4C: Exchange-rate indicators

Session 5: How reliable are debt measures?

Session 6A: Methodological issues regarding the compilation of financial accounts

Session 6B: Measuring households' financial positions

Session 6C: External aspects of financial accounts

Session 7: Panel discussion on "Will we have appropriate data to monitor future developments in the financial system and evolving financial conditions?"