Proceedings of the IFC Conference on "Measuring the financial position of the household sector", Basel, 30-31 August 2006 - Volume 2

IFC Bulletin  |  No 26  | 
12 July 2007
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Measured wealth, real wealth and the illusion of saving 1
William White  

Summary of conference discussion

Session 4: Measurement issues with respect to household debt  
Chair: Leon Taub (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)  
The domestic financial position of the household sector in Mexico
Alfonso H Guerra de Luna and Jessica Serrano Bandala
Financial margins in Norwegian households - An analysis of micro data for the period 1987-2003
Bjørn H Vatne
Household debt, interest rates and insolvencies in South Africa
Johan van den Heever
The distribution and dispersion of debt burden ratios among households in Poland and its implications for financial stability
Sławomir Zajączkowski and Dawid Żochowski
Risks to Romanian financial stability stemming from the household sector
Florian Neagu and Angela Mărgărit
Session 5A: Distributional aspects of household finances  
Chair: Janez Kosak (Bank of Slovenia)  
Survey data on Austrian households' financial wealth: main findings and challenges
Christian Beer, Peter Mooslechner, Martin Schürz and Karin Wagner
Capital gains and wealth distribution in Italy
Luigi Cannari, Giovanni D'Alessio and Romina Gambacorta
Greek household indebtedness and financial stress: results from household survey data
George T Simigiannis and Panagiota Tzamourani
The distribution of assets, debt and income among Chilean households
Paulo Cox, Eric Parrado and Jaime Ruiz-Tagle V
Session 5B: Distributional aspects of household finances  
Chair: Mattias Persson (Sveriges Riksbank)  
Trends in the borrowing pattern of French households 
Emmanuel Gervais
Measuring German household debt: financial accounts data and disaggregated survey data as complementary statistics
Nikolaus Bartzsch and Elmar Stöss
Swedish households' indebtedness and ability to pay: a household level study
Martin W Johansson and Mattias Persson
Are there significant disparities in debt burden across Canadian households? An examination of the distribution of the debt service ratio using micro-data
Umar Faruqui
Income structure and income distribution of China
Shi Dong
Session 6: Panel on using household surveys to gather information on household finances  
Chair: Coen Voormeulen (Netherlands Bank)  
Lessons from the Spanish survey of household finances
Cristina Barceló and Olympia Bover
Designing and implementing a nationwide survey for the production of quarterly GDP series in Nigeria
C M Okafor and S N Essien
The household survey and monetary policy in Indonesia
Wijoyo Santoso and Aldrina Kusuma Sarie
The financial position of households after a macroeconomic crisis: the case of Argentina
Horacio Aguirre
The use of micro-level data from the Bank of Italy's survey of household income and wealth: a focus on household finance
Claudia Biancotti and Giovanni D'Alessio
Annex: Participants in the meeting 347