The IFC's contribution to the 52nd ISI Session, Helsinki, 1999

IFC Bulletin  |  No 2  | 
01 June 1998
Editorial: Gathering momentum 1
Articles: Two New Formulae for Performance Measurement based on Irving Fisher's Price Index
Arthur Vogt
Helsinki Meeting 1999: The IFC's Initiatives 8
Globalisation of Markets and Cross-Border Holdings of Financial Assets: Abstracts of Papers  
Internationalisation of Financial Markets in the UK and Implications for Data Collection and Statistics
Philip Turnbull
Implementation of the New International Guidelines for the Measurement of Financial Derivatives in the Balance of Payments and the International Investment Position
R F D D Chaudron
Globalisation of Financial Markets: Implications for Domestic Macroeconomic Management
P I Obaseki and C M Okafor
The Effects of the Globalisation of Financial Markets on the Obtaining of Cross-Border transactions Statistical Information: the Spanish Experience
Maria Perez-Jurrado and Ana Sanchez
The Organisation of a first Portfolio Survey in Belgium and the Problem of the Household Sector
G Melis
The Relationship between FoF and BoP
Saturo Hagino
Accruals Methodology: Statistical problems in the Estimation of Interest for new Financial Instruments in the context of Globalisation of Financial Markets
A Gentilini and V Pellegrini
The Decomposition of the Factors contributing to the Variations of the Finnish International Investment Position during the 1990s with the Analysis of Variance
Heikki Hella and Jorma Hilpinen
Fisher's Short Stories  
Fisher's Short Stories on Wealth, 1926-1933 17
Short Stories on Wealth 20