Fact sheet - Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics


The objective of the IFC is to promote the exchange of views amongst central bank economists, statisticians and policy makers as well as others who want to participate in discussing statistical issues of interest to central banks, including those relating to economic, monetary and financial stability. The IFC in particular strives to strengthen the relationship between compilers of statistics and the community of users and analysts of statistical information, both in and outside central banks (IFC Flyer). 


The IFC has four categories of members (see IFC Statutes). The main one comprises the full institutional members, ie central banks or international and regional organisations formally involved in central banking issues.


The Committee is composed of the designated representatives of the full institutional members. It elects the Executive which manages the affairs of the IFC in accordance with the Statutes and the decisions and guidelines of the Committee.

Current members of the Executive:

  • Chair: Ms Claudia BUCH, Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Vice chair: Mr TOH Hock Chai, Central Bank of Malaysia
  • Mr Juan Fernando AVILA EMBRIZ, Bank of Mexico
  • Ms Carol BERTAUT, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  • Mr Naruki MORI, Bank of Japan
  • Mr Olorunsola Emmanuel OLOWOFESO, Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Ms Gloria PENA, Central Bank of Chile
  • Mr Fernando Alberto ROCHA, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Mr ROH Chung Seak, Bank of Korea
  • Ms Gülbin ŞAHİNBEYOĞLU, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey


The BIS provides the Secretariat of the Committee. Bruno Tissot, Head of Statistics and Research Support, is the senior BIS official responsible for IFC matters. The Secretariat is also supported by Christian Dembiermont, Jose Maria Serena Garralda and Claudia Huber.