Forthcoming events

 21-23 February 2024

"The carbon content of output" â€“ an international workshop on measurement, disclosure and dissemination
Berlin, Deutsche Bundesbank Regional Office
Co-organised by the IMF, BIS IFC Committee, Eurostat, Deutsche Bundesbank, Banco Central de Chile and the University of Oxford 

17-19 October 2023

3rd IFC workshop on "Data science in central banking"
Rome, Bank of Italy, co-organised with the Bank of Italy

5-7 October 2023

WGSD DGI G20 Workshop on Securities Statistics
Cape Town, South Africa, co-organised with the Reserve Bank of South Africa and the Working Group on Securities Databases (WGSD)

15-20 July 2023

IFC Satellite Seminar and IFC sponsored sessions at the 64th ISI World Statistics Congress (16-20 July 2023, Ottawa, Canada)

The IFC will organise an IFC Satellite Seminar on "Granular data: new horizons and challenges for central banks" with the Bank of Canada (15 July 2023). Call for papers, draft agenda (1 June 2023)

The IFC will sponsor eight Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) (16-20 July 2023):
1.      Sustainable finance statistics
2.      The present and future of access to granular administrative data
3.      Evolving statistics in support of central bank policies
4.      Financial innovation and official statistics
5.      Central bank statistics re-branding and purpose-driven communication
6.      Rethinking data governance in official statistics: the central banks' experience
7.      Data science in official statistical production: insights from central banks
8.      Commercial real estate indicators: progress and challenges

Past events

4-6 April 2023 IAOS-ISI-Zambia Conference, Livingstone, Zambia
High level panel on "The Role of Data and Statistics in the Digital Transformation of State Services", co-organised by the IFC.
19-20 Sep 2022 Banco de Portugal-IFC Conference on "Communication on central bank statistics: unlocking the next level"
Lisbon, Portugal, co-organised with the Banco de Portugal
Final agenda, IFC Report no 15 on "How central banks communicate on official statistics"
25-26 Aug 2022 11th Biennial IFC Conference on Post-pandemic landscape for central bank statistics (ProgrammePresentations Young Statistician Award)
14-17 Feb 2022 IFC workshop on "Data science in central banking" - Part 2: Data Science in Central Banking: Applications and tools
BIS Basel, virtual event 
Programme, presentations and videos
12 Jan 2022

 Launch of the online course on macroeconomic financial accounts sponsored by the BIS/IFC, the ECB and the Bank of Italy and developed by the OECD/Sapienza University of Rome with the US-based massive open online course (MOOC) provider, Coursera.
Introduction to the course, Launch webinar agenda

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