Forthcoming events


  • 21-22 October 2020, Paris, France: Conference on "Statistics for sustainable finance", co-organised with Bank of France and Deutsche Bundesbank
    The targets of the conference include:
    - taking stock of the statistical data needs of users in policy-making financial institutions, such as central banks;
    - providing a comprehensive overview of the international statistical activities, both in the official and the private sector;
    - bringing together the supply and demand sides of data and indicators, eg by developing statistics hubs; and
    - paving the way forward for statistics on climate-related risks, including but not limited to sharing best practices.
    The call for papers will be circulated in early spring 2020.
  • 27-28 August 2020: 10th biennial IFC Conference on "The future of finance: implications for central bank statistics" at the BIS in Basel (call for papers)

  • 17-18 February 2020, Lisbon, Portugal: Conference on external statistics "Bridging measurement challenges and analytical needs of external statistics: evolution or revolution?", co-organised with the Bank of Portugal and the European Central Bank (draft programme)

Past events


      • 16-23 August 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: IFC Satellite Seminars and IFC sponsored sessions at the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress - ISI2019.

The IFC organised 2 Satellite Seminars with the Central Bank of Malaysia and the ECB:
 16 August 2019: IFC-BNM-ECB Satellite on "Post-crisis data landscape: micro data for the macro world" (agenda)
 17 August 2019: IFC-BNM Satellite on "Statistics on Fintech - bringing together demand and supply to measure its impact" (agenda)

IFC contribution: The IFC-sponsored 7 Invited Paper Sessions (IPS), 2 Special Topic Sessions (STS), 1 Special Invited Session (SIPS) and 1 Lunch Time Discussion Group (LTDG):
 IPS-173 "Consistent measurement of multinational enterprise (MNE) activities in Economic Statistics" 
 IPS-176 "Statistical challenges in the monitoring of commercial property markets" 
 IPS-177 "Benefitting from data sharing between institutions" 
 IPS-178 "For better statistics; Good communication between users and compilers" 
 IPS-179 "Communicating central banks' statistics effectively in the digital age" 
 IPS-184 "Analytical use and applications of financial accounts and macroeconomic balance sheets" 
 IPS-188 "Short Term Surveys, Big Data and Inflation" 
 STS-441 "Generating new insights by using and linking micro data sets"
 STS-442 "Creating comprehensive data worlds through formal standardisation and semantic harmonization" 
 IPS 2339 IFC-ISI joint SIPS: "Official statistics: challenges and opportunities in NSOs and central banks" followed by IFC LTDG: "Challenges for official statistics" 

  • 18-20 March 2019, Istanbul, Turkey: Workshop on the use of financial accounts, co-organised with the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (programme)
  • 15 January 2019, Rome, Italy: Bank of Italy-BIS Workshop on "Computing Platforms for Big Data and Machine Learning", co-organised with the Bank of Italy (programme)

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