Forthcoming events


22-23 Aug 2024

12th biennial IFC Conference on "Statistics and beyond: new data for decision making in central banks", preceded by the IFC Committee (restricted) meeting on 21 August 2024

6-7 May 2024

IFC Workshop on "Addressing climate change data needs: the global debate and central banks' contribution", Izmir, organised by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye with the support of the Bank of France and the Deutsche Bundesbank (Call for papers)

 21-23 Feb 2024

"Carbon content measurement for products, organizations and aggregates: creating a sound basis for decision making" – an international workshop, Hamburg, Deutsche Bundesbank Regional Office, co-organised by the IMF, the IFC, Eurostat, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Central Bank of Chile and the University of Oxford (Teaser)

12-13 Feb 2024

Conference on "External statistics after the pandemic: addressing novel analytical challenges", Madrid, Spain, co-organised by the European Central Bank and the Bank of Spain, Call for papers

Past events

29 Oct-2 Nov 2023

9th SDMX Global Conference on "Empowering Data Communities"
Manama, Bahrain, in collaboration with the Bahrain Information and eGovernment Authority.
Further information on programme and SDMX website.

17-19 Oct 2023 3rd IFC workshop on "Data science in central banking" (agenda, presentations)
Rome, Bank of Italy, co-organised with the Bank of Italy
5-7 Oct 2023

WGSD DGI G20 Workshop on Securities Statistics
Cape Town, South Africa, co-organised with the Reserve Bank of South Africa and the Working Group on Securities Databases (WGSD) (agenda, summary)

16-20 Jul 2023

IFC contribution at the 64th ISI World Statistics Congress in Ottawa, Canada, including all presentations on eight Invited Paper Sessions (IPS):

  • IPS 205 - Sustainable finance statistics
  • IPS 224 - Evolving statistics in support of central bank policies
  • IPS 239 - Financial innovation and official statistics
  • IPS 240 - Central bank statistics re-branding and purpose-driven communication
  • IPS 241 - Rethinking data governance in official statistics: the central banks' experience
  • IPS 243 - Data science in official statistical production: insights from central banks
  • IPS 244 - Commercial real estate indicators: progress and challenges
  • IPS 245 - The present and future of access to granular administrative data
15 Jul 2023 IFC Satellite Seminar on "Granular data: new horizons and challenges for central banks" co-organised with the Bank of Canada in Ottawa
Agenda, papers and presentations
4-6 Apr 2023 IAOS-ISI-Zambia Conference, Livingstone, Zambia
High level panel on "The Role of Data and Statistics in the Digital Transformation of State Services", co-organised by the IFC.

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