Forthcoming events


22-23 Aug 2024

12th biennial IFC Conference (topic tbc)

 21-23 Feb 2024

"Carbon content measurement for products, organizations and aggregates: creating a sound basis for decision making" – an international workshop, Berlin, Deutsche Bundesbank Regional Office
Co-organised by the IMF, BIS IFC Committee, Eurostat, Deutsche Bundesbank, Banco Central de Chile and the University of Oxford (Teaser)

12-13 Feb 2024

Conference on "External statistics after the pandemic: addressing novel analytical challenges", Madrid, Spain, in co-organisation with the European Central Bank and the Banco de España, Call for papers


29 Oct-2 Nov 2023

9th SDMX Global Conference on "Empowering Data Communities"
Manama, Bahrain, in collaboration with the Bahrain Information and eGovernment Authority.
Further information on programme and SDMX website.

17-19 Oct 2023

3rd IFC workshop on "Data science in central banking" (agenda)
Rome, Bank of Italy, co-organised with the Bank of Italy

5-7 Oct 2023

WGSD DGI G20 Workshop on Securities Statistics
Cape Town, South Africa, co-organised with the Reserve Bank of South Africa and the Working Group on Securities Databases (WGSD)

Past events

16-20 Jul 2023

IFC contribution at the 64th ISI World Statistics Congress in Ottawa, Canada, including all presentations on eight Invited Paper Sessions (IPS):

  • IPS 205 - Sustainable finance statistics
  • IPS 224 - Evolving statistics in support of central bank policies
  • IPS 239 - Financial innovation and official statistics
  • IPS 240 - Central bank statistics re-branding and purpose-driven communication
  • IPS 241 - Rethinking data governance in official statistics: the central banks' experience
  • IPS 243 - Data science in official statistical production: insights from central banks
  • IPS 244 - Commercial real estate indicators: progress and challenges
  • IPS 245 - The present and future of access to granular administrative data
15 Jul 2023 IFC Satellite Seminar on "Granular data: new horizons and challenges for central banks" co-organised with the Bank of Canada in Ottawa
Agenda, papers and presentations
4-6 Apr 2023 IAOS-ISI-Zambia Conference, Livingstone, Zambia
High level panel on "The Role of Data and Statistics in the Digital Transformation of State Services", co-organised by the IFC.

Previous years