The central bank community

From its establishment in 1930, the BIS has been the prime meeting place for central bankers. Today, the BIS has 63 shareholding member central banks, who collectively hold all the votes at the Bank's Annual General Meeting. This timeline lists the main events in the BIS's institutional history, and shows how it grew from a predominantly European organisation into a truly global one.

1870 – 1929
During the gold standard era, central banks cooperated sporadically in times of crisis.
1929 – 1930
Central banks institutionalise their cooperation by setting up the BIS in 1930.
1931 – 1945
Stalled cooperation during the Great Depression and the Second World War.
1946 – 1958
The BIS and central bank cooperation within Europe.
1958 – 1973
The BIS and transatlantic cooperation in support of Bretton Woods.
1973 – 1993
The end of Bretton Woods and the dawn of European monetary unification.
1994 – 2020
The BIS as a global central bank organisation.