Fintech and payments: regulating digital payment services and e-money

FSI Insights  |  No 33  | 
05 July 2021

Improvements in technology, coupled with growing demand for digital payment methods, are increasingly reshaping the way payments are made. Non-bank institutions now offer a wide range of retail payment services. This raises the question of where the regulatory perimeter should be drawn. Financial authorities now face the task of deciding whether the risk profile of different payment services are appropriately reflected in their regulatory frameworks. A sound understanding of the regulatory approaches in other jurisdictions contributes to this assessment.

This paper explores how non-bank payment service providers (NBPSPs) are regulated and provides a cross-country overview of the regulatory requirements for digital payment and e-money services offered by NBPSPs. It benefited from responses to a CPMI survey of 75 jurisdictions conducted in early 2021. 

JEL classification: E42, G18, G23, G28, O30, O38.

Keywords: fintech, regulation, digital payment services, e-money, stablecoins.