Regulating fintech financing: digital banks and fintech platforms

FSI Insights  |  No 27  | 
27 August 2020

A host of new technology-enabled business models for deposit-taking, credit intermediation and capital raising have emerged in recent years.

In particular, the proliferation of digital banking and financing via web-based platforms (fintech balance sheet lending and crowdfunding) raises the question of where the regulatory perimeter should be drawn. Financial authorities now face the task of deciding whether their regulatory framework needs to be adjusted to account for these new fintech activities. To do so, they will need to consider a number of elements.

This paper explores how digital banking and fintech platform financing are regulated and provides a cross-country overview of the regulatory requirements for fintech activities in 30 jurisdictions.

JEL classification: G18, G21, G23, G28, O30, O38.

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