Cross-border resolution cooperation and information-sharing: an overview of home and host authority experience

FSI Insights  |  No 22  | 
27 January 2020

Cooperation and information-sharing between home and host authorities are critical in supporting effective cross-border resolution planning and execution. While crisis management groups (CMGs) are a core forum for cooperation between home and key host authorities for global systemically important banks (G-SIBs), additional arrangements may also be required, especially for host authorities that do not participate in CMGs. This paper examines cross-border cooperation and information-sharing arrangements for G-SIBs and other systemic banks, with a particular focus on arrangements other than CMGs. The study finds there has been some progress in establishing a range of arrangements, but there are also instances where the information needs of host authorities on resolution planning continue to be unmet.

JEL classification: G21, G28