Financial Stability Institute - publication types

This page describes the types of material published by the Financial Stability Institute.

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FSI Briefs

FSI Briefs are short notes on regulatory and supervisory subjects of topical interest, and are technical in character. At the start of the series, the notes focus on measures taken by authorities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

FSI Crisis Management Series

The FSI Crisis Management Series documents and analyses crisis episodes in different jurisdictions, focusing particularly on the policy responses and the practical challenges the authorities had to face. The papers in this series aim to contribute to the dissemination of practical knowledge on bank crisis management.

FSI Executive Summaries

Executive Summaries provide brief synopses of new and revised global financial regulatory standards. They mainly cover topics related to banking and insurance regulation and supervision.

FSI Insights

FSI Insights on policy implementation focus on practical financial regulatory and supervisory topics relevant to stakeholders. The aim of the series is to contribute to international discussions on a range of policy issues and implementation challenges faced by financial sector authorities, and BIS efforts to promote financial stability through the dissemination of sound policies and practices.

FSI Occasional Papers

FSI Occasional Papers cover a range of topics of interest to financial sector authorities.

FSI Year in review

These publications summarise the activities of the FSI over a calendar year.

Discontinued series

FSI Award Winning Papers: From 2002 to 2012, the FSI granted an award to the author of an original essay on a topic related to a financial regulatory or supervisory issue of current interest.