Outreach events

The FSI offers an extensive annual programme of events in Switzerland and around the world, with different audiences and areas of focus depending on the nature of the event.

Events are typically by invitation only. Participants include global standard setters, central banks, supervisory authorities and regional central banking and supervisory groups.

Conferences and events

The new role of Central Banks  

Agustín Carstens, General Manager of the BIS

Financial Stability Institute's 20th anniversary conference "A cross-sectoral reflection on the past, and looking ahead to the future"

12 March 2019

Types of events

High-level meetings

  • Participants: top officials from financial authorities
  • Focus: latest regulatory developments and regional supervisory priorities

Policy implementation meetings

  • Participants: senior officials from financial authorities
  • Focus: key prudential policy topics


  • Participants: central bank and supervisory staff
  • Focus: financial stability issues

Global and regional seminars

  • Participants: technical experts
  • Focus: technical approaches to key prudential topics

Online courses

  • Participants: bank and insurance supervisors
  • Focus: recent developments in financial sector regulation and supervision