FRAME is updated on a continuous basis. If you or your institution would like to be referenced and/or report impact estimates, please fill out the respective reporting template (Basel III or TBTF reform) and email it to The reporting template is meant to facilitate the update of FRAME. Please fill out one template per impact estimate.

No. FRAME is a repository aimed at sharing and keeping track of the most recent findings in the literature, whatever those findings are. Accordingly, the results reported in FRAME do not necessarily reflect the views of the BIS or of any group hosted by the BIS.

There are no particular selection criteria. The only requirement for a study to be referenced is that it must be accessible online. However, we reserve the right not to include every study.

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Yes. This can be done by selecting or deselecting elements in the legend on the distribution chart.

No. For the time being, there are not enough estimates in FRAME to allow for more granular breakdowns.

Each impact estimate in FRAME corresponds to the effect of one given regulation, all other things being equal. That said, results about the effect of a change in one regulatory ratio on another (eg of a 1 percentage point increase in banks' capital ratio as "regulatory ratio" on banks' liquidity ratio as "target") can give a sense of how two regulations may interact.