Policies to harness global financial interconnectedness

Joint BIS, BoE, ECB and IMF Workshop on "Policies to harness global financial interconnectedness", BIS, Basel, 25-26 April 2019.

The Bank for International Settlements, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund are pleased to announce a call for papers for their joint workshop on Policies to Harness Global Financial Interconnectedness. 

The workshop aims to narrow the gaps in our understanding of the transmission channel of monetary, fiscal, foreign exchange and macroprudential policies in the post-GFC economic environment. We seek contributions on novel empirical and theoretical research on the channels and relative effectiveness of policies dealing with the potential macroeconomic side-effects of economic and financial globalisation. 

The workshop will be held at the BIS, in Basel, Switzerland on 25-26 April 2019.