Programme of BIS-Bank of England-CEPR workshop on "Financial innovation: implications for competition, regulation and monetary policy"

Thursday 24 September

Welcome and introduction
Hyun Song Shin (BIS) and Beatrice Weder di Mauro (CEPR)
Session 1: Financial innovation, financial stability and competition 
Session chair: Leonardo Gambacorta (BIS)

Presenting author:

Paper 1:


Christoph Basten (University of Zurich), presentation

"The geography of mortgage lending in times of FinTech" (with Steven Ongena)

Sebastian Doerr (BIS), presentation

Presenting author:

Paper 2: 


Yannick Timmer (IMF), presentation

"Tech in Fin before FinTech: blessing or curse for financial stability?" (with Nicola Pierri)

David Aikman (King's College London), presentation

Presenting author:

Paper 3: 


Ania Zalewska (University of Bath), presentation

"The impact of machine learning and big data on credit markets" (with Peter Eccles, Paul Grout and Paolo Siciliani)

Neeltje van Horen (Bank of England), presentation


Hyun Song Shin
"An early stablecoin? The Bank of Amsterdam and the governance of money"

Friday 25 September

Session 2: Financial innovation, financial inclusion and regulation
Session chair: Paul Grout (Bank of England)

Presenting author:

Paper 4:


Nicola Limodio (Bocconi University), presentation

"High-speed internet, financial technology and banking in Africa" (with Angelo D'Andrea)

Martin Brown (University of St Gallen), presentation

Presenting author:

Paper 5:


Tania Ziegler (Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance), presentation

"Fintech and big tech credit: a new database" (with Giulio Cornelli, Jon Frost, Leonardo Gambacorta, Raghavendra Rau and Robert Wardrop)

Vasso Ioannidou (Lancaster University Management School), presentation

Policy panel on policy implications of financial innovation

Andrew Haldane (Bank of England)
Giacomo Calzolari (European University Institute), presentation
Leonardo Gambacorta, presentation
chaired by Franklin Allen (Imperial College)

Closing remarks Franklin Allen and Hyun Song Shin

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