AMPF 2021 and MAS-BIS Conference on Macro-Financial Stability Policy

Asian Monetary Policy Forum 2021 Special Edition and MAS-BIS Conference on "Macro-financial stability policy in a globalised world: lessons from international experience", virtual, 26-28 May 2021

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A macroprudential approach has increasingly gained ground in formulating policy toward financial stability, complementing monetary policy as an integral element of a broader macro-financial stability framework. In today's interconnected global financial system, policy actions taken by the major advanced economies could also affect financial conditions in the rest of the world through their impact on capital flows and exchange rates, transmitting financial conditions and at times exposing vulnerabilities. Dialogue between policymakers and academics will promote a deeper understanding of the interaction between different macro-financial stability policy tools and guide the implementation of monetary and macroprudential policies in both advanced and emerging market economies.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Bank for International Settlements are organising a conference on "Macro-financial stability policy in a globalised world: lessons from international experience" virtually on 26-28 May 2021. It forms part of the 2021 Special Edition of the Asian Monetary Policy Forum with the support of the Asian Bureau of Financial and Economic Research, the National University of Singapore and University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The conference gathers central bank Governors, senior officials, leading academics and other researchers to discuss how to use macro-financial stability policy to safeguard financial stability and mitigate the impact of international spillovers.

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