Payment aspects of financial inclusion: application tools

CPMI Papers  |  No 195  | 
29 September 2020

This report follows the publication of Payment aspects of financial inclusion (PAFI) in 2016 and Payment aspects of financial inclusion in the fintech era in April 2020. The 2016 report outlined seven guiding principles for public and private sector stakeholders and recommended key actions for countries seeking to implement these principles, while the April 2020 report provided additional guidance on recent fintech developments that have relevant implications for PAFI's underlying objectives.

This report will help national authorities apply the PAFI guidance. It provides tools for helping national authorities undertake diagnostic studies and to measure and track progress in enhancing access to, and use of, transaction accounts. The tools allow comparisons with international benchmarks and/or with a jurisdiction's own situation over time, and make it easier to follow reform efforts in the area of financial inclusion from a payments perspective.