Engagements and events

Engagement and partnership between the public and private sector is a key element of the G20 cross-border payments programme. Improvements to payment systems and arrangements underlying cross-border payments require global coordination, cooperation and the commitment of a wide range of public authorities and private sector stakeholders. The CPMI is working to bring together the relevant stakeholders via joint working groups, workshops, consultations and surveys to ensure both strategic perspective and the required subject matter expertise is available to the programme.

Cross-border payments interoperability and extension taskforce

20 Jun 2023

2nd taskforce meeting


11 May 2023

1st taskforce meeting


BIS/CPMI hosted events

Other events

16 Jul 2023 G20 workshop: Interlinking of fast payment systems – a fast track to enhance cross-border payments (organised by the CPMI in collaboration with the G20 Presidency)
15 Mar 2023 Alliance for Innovative Regulation podcast: BIS Executive Tara Rice on need for global standards in new payments era
31 Aug 2022 Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE): How more global coordination can make cross-border payments faster, cheaper, and safer
22 Aug 2022 Global Association of Women in Payments: Pause for payments – payments matter
16 Jul 2022 Festival Ekonomi Keuangan Digital Indonesia (FEKDI) 2022: Advancing digital technology and finance: synergistic and inclusive ecosystem for accelerated recovery – cross-border payments
24 Feb 2022 ABFER-ABS Industry Outreach Panel:The Impact of Fin-tech Revolution, Digitalisation and Digital Currencies on the Financial System
13 Jan 2022 Toronto Centre: The Road to COP26: Payment Systems, Supervision and Inclusion in the Digital Age
22 Nov 2021 Bank of Italy and Monetary Authority of Singapore: Joint webinar on cross-border interlinking of fast payment systems
20 Oct 2021 Bangkok FinTech Fair 2021: Cross-border payment connectivity
13 Oct 2021 Sibos 2021: A roadmap to enhance cross-border payments
27 Sep 2021 Bank of Italy: Enhancing digital and global infrastructures in cross-border payments: a webinar on the future of payments
 3 Sep 2021 The Payments Association: The Insights Interview with Victoria Cleland
19 Oct 2020 IMF Conference: Cross-Border Payments-A New Beginning
6 Oct 2020 Sibos 2020: Advancing cross-border payments