Engagements and events

Engagement and partnership between the public and private sector is a key element of the G20 cross-border payments programme. Improvements to payment systems and arrangements underlying cross-border payments require global coordination, cooperation and the commitment of a wide range of public authorities and private sector stakeholders. The CPMI is working to bring together the relevant stakeholders via joint working groups, workshops, consultations and surveys to ensure both strategic perspective and the required subject matter expertise is available to the programme.

Stakeholders are invited to provide information on initiatives that can enhance cross-border payments by completing an online survey. The initiatives can be led by the private sector, the public sector or they can be  public-private partnerships and should have the potential to support the achievement of the G20 cross-border payments targets. At the end of each quarter, the secretariat will take stock of the information provided and share the findings with the PIE TF and the public more generally.