Engagement and events

Making a real difference in addressing the existing challenges of cross-border payments needs full support from central banks and close collaboration with the private sector to be successful. This requires direct involvement of public and private sector actors in taking the programme forward. It is important that the views of the full range of stakeholders are heard. The CPMI is in regular contact with relevant stakeholders and seeks their input via conferences, workshops, consultations and surveys.

Ongoing: request for information on facilitating increased adoption of PvP

The CPMI is currently inviting interested parties, including commercial banks, e-money operators and other fintech companies, to share their views on potential solutions to increase adoption of payment-versus-payment (PvP), see also the related press release. Stakeholder feedback to this request for information will inform the CPMI's work on developing proposals for increased adoption of PvP to reduce FX settlement risk, as part of the wider cross-border payments programme. Proposals may include enhancing existing PvP arrangements and/or designing new public and/or private sector solutions. Interested parties are invited to contact CPMI Service (cpmi@bis.org) for further information on submitting feedback to this request.

BIS/CPMI events

Other events

27 Sep 2021 Bank of Italy - International Webinar on "Enhancing Digital and Global Infrastructures in Cross-border Payments"
19 Oct 2020 IMF Conference: Cross-Border Payments-A New Beginning
06 Oct 2020 Sibos 2020: Advancing cross-border payments