Central bank hub

The BIS is a forum for discussion, policy analysis and knowledge-sharing among central banks and within the international financial and supervisory community.

We act as a central bank hub by:

  • centralising access to central bank publications (speeches, research and the International Journal of Central Banking)
  • hosting and supporting the central bank governance forum, with a view to fostering the good governance of central banks as public policy institutions
  • providing a single point of entry to the websites of central banks, monetary authorities, regulatory authorities and supervisory agencies

Cooperation and information-sharing

As part of our mission, we promote international cooperation among monetary authorities and financial supervisory officials.

The central bank governance forum compiles, analyses and disseminates among central banks a wide variety of information on governance and organisational arrangements. Two bodies help the work:

  • Central Bank Governance Group - a discussion group of Governors focusing on the institutional setting in which central banks pursue their policies
  • Central Bank Governance Network - a network of central bankers that facilitates the flow of information on central bank governance and organisational issues between central banks