What we do

Where perspectives

The BIS is a forum for central bankers and financial regulators, where different perspectives blend to build a greater collective understanding of the world's economy.

Supporting global monetary and financial stability

We act as a hub for issues that concern monetary policymakers and financial regulators, and respond to these concerns with relevant research and policy proposals. Through our work for central banks and supervisory authorities, we contribute to monetary and financial stability, which is essential for sustained economic growth.

How we work
  • A place unlike any other
    At the BIS, academic rigour melds seamlessly with real-world banking experience. Respect, openness, versatility, curiosity, willingness to learn and team spirit are the key to professional enrichment and job satisfaction here.
  • A broad palette of activities
    Our wide-ranging activities include economic and policy research, statistical analysis and banking. Our staff have expertise in finance, banking, risk management, international law, monetary and financial economics, and statistics, among other fields. Such diversity helps to create the right environment for knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Who we are
  • A truly international organisation
    The BIS offers a unique global insight, in a culturally diverse environment. We are a small, closely knit organisation with a global team of some 600 people from over 60 countries. We foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing both inside and outside the organisation, and play a valuable part in supporting central bank cooperation.
  • An open community
    Our modest size makes it easy for staff to collaborate and exchange ideas with colleagues in different units and managers at different levels. We have close links to the world's leading central banks and financial regulatory authorities, as well as academia. Our people enjoy exposure to ideas and projects beyond their immediate specialty.