Senior Compliance Manager, Compliance

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After working in commercial banks for more than 15 years, I moved to the BIS to work in the area of compliance. I was pleased to see that the BIS has implemented a compliance framework that is similar to those of commercial banks, with a compliance department overseeing all the Bank's activities independently. What I enjoy the most in my current role is the variety of subjects I look at, which is not always the case when you are part of a big compliance team, where everything is segmented. Additionally, I find it very enriching to work with colleagues from so many countries who have such different backgrounds and cultures.

What I enjoy the most in my current role is the variety of subjects I look at.


Working as a compliance officer at the BIS means working on many different subjects, and therefore not really knowing what the day will bring. This is challenging and motivating at the same time. The day begins with some routine controls on banking activities, and then I may deal with a potential conflict of interest situation, or reply to questions from a staff member related to our Code of Conduct. I may also represent Compliance in a committee or a workshop, or work on a project. Also, Compliance is mandated to guide and train staff members on compliance-related matters, which means organising and running compliance sessions for all staff members, to ensure that they all have a good understanding of the Code of Conduct.

On a more personal level, I had to move from near Paris to the Basel region, known as the "Région des trois frontières", which I had never visited before. I enjoy my life in this part of the world, with its blend of great experiences in France, Switzerland and Germany, and so I have no regrets at all about joining this unique institution.

Most of our legal, compliance and internal audit team is based in Basel.

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