Economist, Monetary and Economic Department

Where perspectives meet

I joined the BIS's Monetary Policy unit fresh out of graduate school with a dissertation in macro theory, which is a somewhat unusual field for a BIS economist. It was a very smooth transition, with plenty of time for research, and I have had the chance to do some policy work too, helping to write a few background meeting notes. There are two things I really like about working on policy matters. First, it is very diverse, as the odds of working on the same topic twice are pretty low. Second, projects tend to be short-term, so you see the results of your effort much sooner than with research.

I have learnt a lot about the practice and theory of central banking in the past few years, because the BIS enjoys a truly global perspective. 


I also feel that I have learnt a lot about the practice and theory of central banking in the past few years, simply by going to meetings and seminars. It has been a fascinating experience, not only because the practice of central banking seems very different from what is taught in graduate school, but also because the BIS enjoys a truly global perspective.

I recently moved to the Secretariat of the Committee on the Global Financial System, which is mandated to monitor potential sources of stress in global financial markets and to investigate the structural underpinnings of financial markets. Committee work is helping me to build my project management skills and to get a better understanding of some of the key issues faced by central banks.

On a practical level, the move to Basel was easy for my family because the pharmaceutical industry is big here, and there are plenty of opportunities for people with a background in the life sciences. My husband now works in Basel too as a research scientist. Juggling two full-time jobs and two small children is no small task, but the manageable size of the city and the many amenities it offers to parents (parks, a very nice zoo, a working farm, a natural history museum for rainy days) help a lot with that. So we are pretty happy with our lives here.

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