Principal Economist, Monetary and Economic Department

Where perspectives meet

During my six years at the BIS, my job responsibilities have shifted several times. Currently, I serve as Secretary to the Markets Committee, which comprises senior officials responsible for central bank market operations in the world's largest currency areas. The Committee's purpose is to monitor market developments and longer-term structural trends that have implications for financial market functioning and central bank operations. I assist the Chairman with the preparation of meetings, workshops and other activities.

We are exposed to ideas at the centre of current global economic debates. This makes our policy work and research relevant.


The BIS's function as a hub of central bank coordination means we are exposed to ideas at the centre of current global economic debates. This makes our policy work and research relevant - which I find to be quite rewarding. It is also great for generating research ideas. Researchers at university can be highly specialised and can feel fairly isolated at times. We have a critical mass of talented people that are very knowledgeable about financial market and monetary policy issues. This is great for obtaining feedback on one's work - you can just knock on the next door. At the BIS, we have a pretty broad and global perspective, and it's more straightforward to connect the research we do to real-world economic problems. I have always found it rewarding to have plenty of contact with people at various central banks and market participants in my work. I find the BIS's international environment very enjoyable. It is great to have colleagues from many different countries, with different backgrounds and perspectives. I also like the fact that my job involves plenty of travel, for example to conferences and working group meetings.

Basel has a first-class arts and cultural scene, with lots of great events such as Art Basel. Settling in was not difficult for me and my partner. My spouse is an architect, and Basel has a large architectural community, which is also highly international. We also like being close to the Alps and enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Switzerland is great for outdoor activities of all kinds.

Most of our economists, researchers and statisticians are located in Basel but we also have these roles at our representative offices in Hong Kong SAR and Mexico.

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