Life in and around the BIS

From the geographical centre of Europe to our representative offices in Hong Kong SAR and Mexico City, find out what life is like working at the BIS.

Basel offers a high quality of life in a cosmopolitan environment, with a wide choice of leisure and cultural activities. As the headquarters of several multinational organisations, Basel is also home to a large expatriate community. Its modest size and excellent public transportation system keep commuting time to a minimum and support a good work-life balance. The city is also very family-friendly, with lots of sports facilities, parks and activities for children.

Sandra on Basel

As Basel is a relatively small city, it is easy to navigate round town. Most of us have a commute of no more than 15 minutes. But the city has plenty to offer. Nature lovers can quickly reach the Swiss Alps, the Black Forest in Germany or Alsace in France. Basel itself is packed with world-class museums and art galleries, and it's also very rich in terms of concerts and culture. Basel hosts the world's biggest art fair, the famous carnival Fasnacht and the biggest watch and jewellery fair, so there are always lots of interesting people visiting the city.

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Alexandre on Basel

I personally find living in the city of Basel to be very special. The city borders Germany and France, giving me a chance to use several languages, which fits well in this multicultural city. Basel has wonderful infrastructure - it is the only city in Switzerland with three main train stations - and it is packed with museums. It also has a wonderful zoo and a yearly series of international fairs such as Basel World and Art Basel, which bring people from different walks of life together.

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Our Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific is located in Hong Kong SAR. Its 30 or so staff members are engaged in both banking activities and policy research. Hong Kong is a premier international financial centre, with a fast-growing and very successful economy. It is also a vibrant and exciting multicultural city, with a rich history and a broad range of cultural attractions. We offer support and assistance at all stages of relocation to help you and your family settle in.

Debbie on Hong Kong

Hong Kong is my home; I love this metropolitan city with its diversity and internationalism. It is a friendly place for locals and foreigners regardless of age. The city never sleeps, offering a fantastic variety of food, entertainment and shopping. In addition, if you prefer some quiet time, natural landscapes are only minutes away from the city.

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Our Representative Office for the Americas in Mexico City houses about 10 staff members, who focus on policy research and liaise with the region's central banks. Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, offering a rich palette of entertainment and culture, with a diverse population drawn from across the globe. We offer support and assistance at all stages of relocation to help you and your family settle in.

Carlos on Mexico

Being born and raised in Mexico City, I am really grateful to have the opportunity to work here. This is a great, cosmopolitan city. You will find a wide choice of restaurants serving unparalleled delicious food, alongside cafés, bars and clubs. In addition, Mexicans are the kindest, most welcoming and warmest people you could encounter. They make it easy for you and your family to integrate.

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