Disclosure of cryptoasset exposures

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BCBS  | 
17 October 2023
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The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has issued a public consultation on banks' disclosure of cryptoasset exposures.

The consultation is based on the disclosure requirements contained in the final prudential standard on the treatment of bank's cryptoasset exposures published in December 2022.

The consultative document proposes a standardised disclosure table and set of templates for banks' cryptoasset exposures, with a proposed implementation date of 1 January 2025.

The Committee expects that the use of the common disclosure table and templates will support the exercise of market discipline and help to reduce information asymmetry amongst banks and market participants.

The Committee welcomes comments on the proposed disclosure requirements, which should be submitted here by 31 January 2024. All submissions will be published on the BIS website unless a respondent specifically requests confidential treatment.