Basel III Monitoring Report

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BCBS  | 
30 September 2022
Status:  Superseded

The report sets out the impact of the Basel III framework, including the December 2017 finalisation of the Basel III reforms and the January 2019 finalisation of the market risk framework.

Highlights of the Basel III monitoring exercise as of 31 December 2021

  • Initial Basel III capital ratios increase to the highest level since the beginning of the exercise
  • Impact of final Basel III standards lower compared to previous exercises


Dashboards now provide an interactive visualisation of the results for market, operational, counterparty credit and credit valuation adjustment risks. These and all other Basel III monitoring dashboards are compiled on a new dashboards page.

The monitoring report includes special features on banks' exposures to cryptoassets, and on capital buffers and total CET1 requirements.

Banks' exposures to cryptoassets – a novel dataset

Author: Renzo Corrias

A first look at a novel dataset on cryptoassets from banks that reported such exposures at end-2021.


Capital buffers and total CET1 requirements including Pillar 2

Authors: Irina Barakova and Roberto Ottolini

A first view based on monitoring data that also reflects Pillar 2 requirements.