Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - consolidated and enhanced framework

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BCBS  | 
29 March 2017
Status:  Consolidated
Topics: Disclosure


This standard has been integrated into the consolidated Basel Framework.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has issued the Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - consolidated and enhanced framework. This standard represents the second phase of the Committee's review of the Pillar 3 disclosure framework and builds on the revisions to the Pillar 3 disclosure published by the Committee in January 2015.

The Pillar 3 disclosure framework seeks to promote market discipline through regulatory disclosure requirements. The enhancements in the standard contain three main elements:

  • Consolidation of all existing Basel Committee disclosure requirements into the Pillar 3 framework, covering the composition of capital, the leverage ratio, the liquidity ratios, the indicators for determining globally systemically important banks, the countercyclical capital buffer, interest rate risk in the banking book and remuneration.

  • Introduction of a "dashboard" of banks' key prudential metrics which will provide users of Pillar 3 data with an overview of a bank's prudential position and a new disclosure requirement for banks which record prudent valuation adjustments to provide users with a granular breakdown of its calculation.

  • Updates to reflect ongoing reforms to the regulatory framework, such as the total loss-absorbing capacity (TLAC) regime for globally systemically important banks and the revised market risk framework published by the Committee in January 2016.

The standard incorporates feedback from Pillar 3 preparers and users collected during the public consultation conducted in March 2016. Clarifications have been made relating to the disclosure requirements, in particular those pertaining to TLAC.

The implementation date for each of the disclosure requirements is set out in the standard. In general, the implementation date for existing disclosure requirements consolidated under the standard will be end-2017. For disclosure requirements which are new and/or depend on the implementation of another policy framework, the implementation date has been aligned with the implementation date of that framework.

The Committee thanks all those who contributed time and effort to express their views during the consultation process.