Range of practice in the regulation and supervision of institutions relevant to financial inclusion

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BCBS  | 
30 January 2015
Status:  Current

The fast pace of change in the financial inclusion landscape is presenting supervisors with new issues and challenges. Developments in digital financial inclusion, in particular, are posing new challenges for how authorities define their regulatory scope and allocate supervisory resources.

This Basel Committee report reveals the extent to which supervisory and regulatory practices are evolving in response to the emergence of new institutions, financial products and intermediation channels that service poor and low-income customers in different jurisdictions. The report sets out findings from a survey of over 50 Basel Committee members and non-members. The survey was undertaken by the Basel Consultative Group, the Committee's outreach group for enhancing the understanding of key supervisory and regulatory issues worldwide.

The results of the Survey will serve as background to further work within the Basel Committee to assess the application of the 2012 Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision to entities and activities relevant to financial inclusion.