Basel Committee groups

The BCBS's permanent internal structure is made up of four groups: the Risks and Vulnerabilities Assessment Group, the Supervisory Cooperation Group, the Policy and Standards Group and the Basel Consultative Group. At present the BCBS has also established two task forces to work on priority projects: the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Risks and the Task Force on Evaluations. The groups and task forces are supported by a set of working groups with expertise in specific areas of policy and supervision.

The Risks and Vulnerabilities Assessment Group (RVG) leads the Committee's work on the monitoring and assessment of risks and vulnerabilities that could impact the resilience of the global banking system.

Co-chair: Bertrand Rime, Swiss National Bank
Co-chair: Michael Gibson, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The Supervisory Cooperation Group (SCG) leads the Committee's work on strengthening supervision of banks worldwide and promoting strong and effective supervisory cooperation on cross-border banking issues.

Co-chair: Tomoko Amaya, Japanese Financial Services Agency
Co-chair: Ben Gully, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

The Policy and Standards Group (PSG) leads the Committee's work on the development and implementation of common prudential standards with the aim of ensuring a level playing field among internationally active banks and strengthening the regulation of banks worldwide.

Co-chair: Arthur Yuen, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Co-chair: Korbinian Ibel, European Central Bank

The Basel Consultative Group (BCG) provides a forum for deepening the Committee's engagement with supervisors around the world on banking supervisory issues. It facilitates broad supervisory dialogue with non-member countries on new Committee initiatives early in the process by gathering senior representatives from various countries, international institutions and regional groups of banking supervisors that are not members of the Committee.

Co-chair: Kuben Naidoo, South African Reserve Bank
Co-chair: John Aspden, Group of International Finance Centre Supervisors

BCG membership comprises central banks and supervisory authorities from 28 countries, as well as supervisory groups, international agencies and other bodies.

Institutions represented on the Basel Consultative Group

Argentina Banco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA)
Armenia Central Bank of Armenia
Austria Austrian Financial Market Authority
Azerbaijan Financial Market Supervision Authority
Canada Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
Chile Financial Markets Commission
China China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission
Colombia Unit of Financial Regulation
Croatia Croatian National Bank
Czech Republic Czech National Bank
Denmark Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
France French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR)
Georgia National Bank of Georgia
Germany Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
Ghana Bank of Ghana
Hungary Central Bank of Hungary
India Reserve Bank of India
Israel Bank of Israel
Japan Bank of Japan
Financial Services Agency
Kazakhstan National Bank of Kazakhstan
Lebanon Lebanese Banking Control Commission
Malaysia Central Bank of Malaysia
Mauritius Bank of Mauritius
Mexico Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores
Netherlands Nederlands Bank
New Zealand Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Nigeria Central Bank of Nigeria
Norway The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway
Peru Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP
Philippines Central Bank of the Philippines
Poland Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Qatar Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority
Russia Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia Saudi Central Bank
South Africa South African Reserve Bank
Spain Bank of Spain
Switzerland Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority
Thailand Bank of Thailand
Tunisia Central Bank of Tunisia
Türkiye Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency
Ukraine National Bank of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates   Dubai Financial Services Authority
Financial Services Regulatory Authority
Abu Dhabi Global Market
United States of America Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Supervisory groups, international agencies and other bodies
Arab Committee of Banking Supervisors
Association of African Central Banks
Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas
Caribbean Group of Banking Supervisors
Central Bank of West African States
Executives' Meeting of East Asia Pacific Working Group on Banking Supervision (EMEAP)  
Financial Stability Institute, Bank for International Settlements
Group of Banking Supervisors from Central and Eastern Europe
Group of International Finance Centre Supervisors
Gulf Cooperation Council Committee of Banking Supervisors
International Monetary Fund
Islamic Financial Services Board
World Bank
Bank for International Settlements

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Risks (TFCR) is charged with undertaking the Committee's work on climate-related financial risks. This work includes stocktakes of existing initiatives, analytical reports and effective supervisory practices to mitigate climate-related financial risks.

Co-chair: Frank Elderson, European Central Bank
Co-chair: Kevin Stiroh, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Task Force on Evaluations (TFE) is responsible for examining the impact of Basel III post crisis reforms. It will consider initially the functioning of the reforms in light of the test provided by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will then undertake a more holistic evaluation that considers the impact of the reforms on bank resilience and bank behaviour.

Co-chair: Dominique Laboureix, Banque de France
Co-chair: Jing Yang, Bank of Canada