Basel Committee - publication types

This page describes the types of material published by the Basel Committee: standards, guidelines, sound practices and more.

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Standards are designed to provide a common set of requirements in banking regulation and supervision for internationally active banks. Full implementation of the Committee's standards by BCBS members is expected. However, as BCBS standards constitute minimum requirements BCBS members may decide to go beyond them, including by applying them to a broader group of banks.



Guidelines supplement standards in many areas, including risk management, corporate governance, anti-money laundering and supervisory cooperation. BCBS members are encouraged to adopt guidelines, particularly with respect to internationally active banks.


Sound practices

Sound practices describe observed practices to promote common understanding and improve supervisory or banking practices. Committee members and banks are encouraged to compare these practices with those applied in their own jurisdictions to identify potential areas for improvement.


Implementation reports

Implementation reports on progress being made to implement agreed reforms in accordance with the required timelines, detailed assessments of national regulations against agreed international standards and reviews of the consistency in the application of those regulations to individual banks.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Committee periodically reviews FAQs on its standards and publishes the answers. FAQs clarify the intended interpretation of the standards and promote their consistent global implementation.



Consultative documents are published by the Committee to seek feedback from interested parties on policy proposals. Written comments provided within a specified time frame are published on the BCBS website unless confidential treatment is requested by respondents.


Quantitative impact studies (QIS)

QIS reports describe the results of data collection exercises conducted by the Committee to assess the impact on banks of its agreed or proposed standards. Data are generally collected from banks twice a year via national supervisory agencies.


Working Papers 

Working papers contain technical analysis on topical subjects carried out by Committee experts, working groups, BCBS member institutions or the Secretariat. The views expressed in the working papers are those of their authors and do not represent the official views of the Committee, its member institutions or the BIS.



Published occasionally, newsletters provide short updates on the Committee's views of risks or progress on its work programme.



Occasionally, the BCBS publishes other documents that do not fit into the categories above. Examples include reports to the G20 Leaders, surveys of the range of practice in supervision or bank behaviour or literature reviews.