Compilation of documents that form the global regulatory framework for capital and liquidity

This page lists the current and forthcoming Basel standards and related frequently asked questions. It also included standards that have been modified if they include elements that remain current. Consultative documents, guidelines, sound practices and other Basel Committee publications are available on the publications page.

Date Documents
7 December 2017 Basel III: Finalising post-crisis reforms
10 October 2017 Risk weight for Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
6 October 2017  Implementation of net stable funding ratio and treatment of derivative liabilities
19 September 2017 Basel III definition of capital - Frequently asked questions
8 June 2017 Basel III - The Liquidity Coverage Ratio: frequently asked questions
29 March 2017 Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - consolidated and enhanced framework
29 March 2017 Regulatory treatment of accounting provisions - interim approach and transitional arrangements
24 February 2017 Basel III - The Net Stable Funding Ratio: frequently asked questions
17 January 2017 Frequently asked questions on market risk capital requirements
30 November 2016 Risk weight for the International Development Association (IDA)
12 October 2016 TLAC holdings standard
28 September 2016 Frequently asked questions on the supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures
12 August 2016 Frequently asked questions on the revised Pillar 3 disclosure requirements
11 July 2016 Revisions to the securitisation framework
21 April 2016 Interest rate risk in the banking book
6 April 2016 Frequently asked questions on the Basel III leverage ratio framework
14 January 2016 Minimum capital requirements for market risk
19 October 2015 Frequently asked questions on the Basel III Countercyclical Capital Buffer
19 August 2015 Basel III: The standardised approach for measuring counterparty credit risk exposures: Frequently asked questions
18 March 2015 Margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives
28 January 2015 Revised Pillar 3 disclosure requirements
6 November 2014 The G-SIB assessment methodology - score calculation
31 October 2014 Basel III: the net stable funding ratio
15 April 2014 Supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures - final standard
10 April 2014 Capital requirements for bank exposures to central counterparties - final standard
31 March 2014 The standardised approach for measuring counterparty credit risk exposures
12 January 2014 Restricted-use committed liquidity facilities
12 January 2014 Liquidity coverage ratio disclosure standards - final requirements
12 January 2014 Basel III leverage ratio framework and disclosure requirement - final document
13 December 2013 Capital requirements for banks' equity investments in funds - final standard
11 November 2013 Denominators used to calculate the scores of sample banks
11 November 2013 Cut-off score and bucket thresholds
03 July 2013 Global systemically important banks: updated assessment methodology and the higher loss absorbency requirement
11 April 2013 Monitoring tools for intraday liquidity management - final document
7 January 2013 Basel III: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio and liquidity risk monitoring tools
28 December 2012 Basel III counterparty credit risk and exposures to central counterparties - Frequently asked questions (update of FAQs published in November 2012)
11 October 2012 A framework for dealing with domestic systemically important banks - final document
14 September 2012 Core principles for effective banking supervision
26 June 2012  Composition of capital disclosure requirements - Rules text
16 November 2011

Interpretive issues with respect to the revisions to the market risk framework - updates from 16 November 2011

25 October 2011

Treatment of trade finance under the Basel capital framework

1 July 2011

Pillar 3 disclosure requirements for remuneration - final document

01 June 2011

Basel III: A global regulatory framework for more resilient banks and banking systems - revised version June 2011

13 January 2011

Final elements of the reforms to raise the quality of regulatory capital issued by the Basel Committee

3 February 2011 Revisions to the Basel II market risk framework - updated as of 31 December 2010
27 January 2011 Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems - A methodology for compliance assessment - final document
13 July 2009

Enhancements to the Basel II framework

13 July 2009

Guidelines for computing capital for incremental risk in the trading book - final version

18 June 2009

Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems - final paper

30 June 2006

Basel II: International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: A Revised Framework - Comprehensive Version

28 July 1992

Minimum standards for the supervision of international banking groups and their cross-border establishments

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