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This chapter describes transitional arrangements that apply to the leverage ratio buffer requirement for global systemically important banks.

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Effective as of: 01 Jan 2022 | Last update: 15 Dec 2019
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The leverage ratio buffer requirement on 1 January 2022 shall be based on the Financial Stability Board’s 2020 list of global systemically important banks (G-SIBs), based on end-2019 data. For banks that are subsequently identified as G-SIBs or which are no longer identified as G-SIBs, the same transitional arrangements will apply as in the higher loss-absorbency requirement framework.


The leverage ratio buffer requirement will be updated annually to reflect the annual updated list of G-SIB requirements. G-SIBs subject to a revised higher loss-absorbency requirement would also be subject to a revised leverage ratio buffer requirement, calibrated at 50% of the former requirement. Both requirements would follow the same implementation arrangements. Jurisdictions may impose a higher leverage ratio buffer requirement.