Products and services

The BIS has developed a range of banking services specifically designed to assist central banks, monetary authorities and international financial institutions in the management of their foreign exchange and gold reserves.

Central bank customers have traditionally looked for security, liquidity and return as the three basic features of their placements at the BIS.

  • To provide security, the Bank has built up a sizeable equity capital and ample reserves. It pursues an investment strategy focused on combining diversification benefits with intensive credit and market risk analysis. 
  • To ensure liquidity, the Bank stands ready to repurchase its tradable instruments at little cost to its customers and thus respond quickly and flexibly to their needs. 
  • The BIS offers an attractive and competitive return on the funds deposited by central banks and international organisations.

BIS money market instruments

  • Sight/notice accounts and fixed and floating-rate deposits in most convertible currencies
  • Fixed-term deposits can also be denominated in and index-linked to a basket of currencies such as the SDR
  • Standard and non-standard amounts and maturities

BIS tradable instruments

  • Issued in major currencies
  • Available in two forms: Fixed-Rate Investments at the BIS (FIXBIS) for any maturities between 1 week and 1 year and Medium-Term Instruments (MTIs) for quarterly maturities from 1 year and up to 5 years
  • MTIs available also with an embedded call feature (Callable MTIs)

Foreign exchange and gold services

Services offered are:

  • spot deals, swaps, outright forwards, options, FX-linked deposits
  • foreign exchange overnight orders
  • safekeeping and settlements facilities available loco London, Berne or New York
  • purchases and sales of gold: spot, outright, swap or options

Asset management services

Fixed income portfolios are:

  • invested in government bonds or high-grade credit securities
  • structured as dedicated portfolio mandates or BIS Investment Pool (open-end funds)
  • offered as either single currency or multi-currency mandates in the major world reserve currencies

Other services

  • Short-term advances to central banks, usually on a collateralised basis
  • Trustee for a number of international government loans
  • Collateral agent functions

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