William R White

This author no longer works for the BIS.

Date Speeches
24 Jul 2000

Comments on Bradford de Long's paper

Paper presented by William R White at the Reserve Bank of Australia Conference on 'The Australian Economy in the 1990s', held at the HC Coombs Centre for Financial Studies, Kirribilli, 24-25 July 2000

03 Jul 2000

William R White: Comments on Marvin Goodfriend's paper: Financial stability, deflation and monetary policy

Speech by William R White for the Ninth International Conference at the Institute of Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan, on 'The Role of Monetary Policy under Low Inflation: Deflationary Shocks and their Policy Responses', 3-4 July 2000

13 Nov 1999

The Euro and Financial Markets: Challenges for Bankers and Policymakers

Paper by William R White presented at the XIth World Congress on Agricultural Credit held in Florence on 13-16 November 1999 and organised by CICA