Ulf Lewrick

Senior Economist
Financial Systems & Regulation, Monetary and Economic Department

Ulf Lewrick joined the BIS in February 2012. Before taking up his current assignment in 2015, he worked as an economist in the Secretariat of the Committee on the Global Financial System, where he supported the work of several CGFS Study Groups. Prior to Joining the BIS, Ulf held the position of deputy head of section (2010-12) and economist (2008-10) at the Swiss State Secretariat for International Financial Matters, where he contributed to several of the Swiss government's financial market reform initiatives. Ulf holds a PhD in economics from the University of Basel (2008). His research focuses on issues pertaining to the structure and regulation of financial markets as well as international trade and finance.

Fields of interest

  • Business cycles and growth
  • Financial markets
  • International finance