Torsten Ehlers

Monetary and Economic Department, Financial Markets

Torsten Ehlers joined the BIS as an Economist in September 2011, after earning his PhD from the University of Zurich. During his studies he conducted research projects both at the Bank of England and the Bundesbank. He is contributing background analytics and research to the Emerging Markets group in Basel as well as the Financial Stability and Markets group in the Hong Kong representative office of the BIS. Prior to his PhD, he obtained a Masters in Economics from Warwick University, UK, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Dortmund, Germany. His main research interests are the determinants of bank lending and the interaction between financial markets and the real economy.

Fields of interest

  • Financial institutions and microprudential issues (including banking supervision)
  • International capital flows
  • Developing Asia

Date BIS research papers
Mar 2018

Business models and dollar funding of global banks

BIS Working Papers No 708

Other authors: Iñaki Aldasoro and Egemen Eren

Feb 2018

Mapping shadow banking in China: structure and dynamics

BIS Working Papers No 701

Other authors: Steven Kong and Feng Zhu

Dec 2017

Risk transfers in international banking

BIS Quarterly Review December 2017

Other authors: Iñaki Aldasoro

Sep 2017

Green bond finance and certification

BIS Quarterly Review September 2017

Other authors: Frank Packer

Mar 2017

Foreign banks and credit conditions in EMEs

BIS Papers No 91

Other authors: Patrick McGuire

Dec 2016

The changing shape of interest rate derivatives markets

BIS Quarterly Review December 2016

Other authors: Egemen Eren

Nov 2015

The role of banks

BIS Papers No 83

Other authors: Agustín Villar

Oct 2015

Channels and determinants of foreign bank lending

BIS Papers No 82

Other authors: Philip Wooldridge

Aug 2014

Understanding the challenges for infrastructure finance

BIS Working Papers No 454

Dec 2013

FX and derivatives markets in emerging economies and the internationalisation of their currencies

BIS Quarterly Review December 2013

Other authors: Frank Packer