Patrick McGuire

Head of the International Data Hub
Monetary and Economics Department, International Data Hub

Patrick's current research is focused on international financial markets and financial stability issues, with a specific interest in international banking, emerging market financing and hedge funds. Patrick has previously worked in the Financial Institutions and Financial Markets sections in MED, and has been a regular contributor to the BIS Quarterly Review. Prior to joining the BIS in 2002, he completed his PhD in economics at the University of Michigan with a dissertation on the Japanese financial system.

Fields of interest

  • Financial institutions and microprudential issues including banking supervision
  • Financial stability and macroprudential issues
  • International capital flows

Date BIS research papers
Feb 2008

Global monitoring with the BIS international banking statistics

BIS Working Papers No 244

Other authors: Nikola Tarashev

Dec 2007

International banking with the euro

BIS Quarterly Review December 2007

Other authors: Nikola Tarashev

Sep 2007

Evidence of carry trade activity

BIS Quarterly Review September 2007

Other authors: Gabriele Galati and Alexandra Heath

Dec 2006

Tracking international bank flows

BIS Quarterly Review December 2006

Other authors: Nikola Tarashev

Sep 2005

The BIS consolidated banking statistics: structure, uses and recent enhancements

Other authors: Philip Wooldridge

Mar 2005

Time-varying exposures and leverage in hedge funds

Other authors: Eli M Remolona and Kostas Tsatsaronis

Nov 2004

Did investors regard real estate as 'safe' during the 'Japanese Bubble' in the 1980s?

BIS Working Papers No 164

Other authors: Serdat Dinc

Mar 2004

Bank ties and bond market access: evidence on investment-cash flow sensitivity in Japan

BIS Working Papers No 151

Dec 2003

Common factors in emerging market spreads

BIS Quarterly Review December 2003

Other authors: Martijn A Schrijvers

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