Michael R King

This author does not work for the BIS.

Date BIS research papers
Feb 2016

Bank standalone credit ratings

BIS Working Papers No 542

Other authors: Steven Ongena and Nikola Tarashev

Aug 2011

Weathering the financial crisis: good policy or good luck?

BIS Working Papers No 351

Other authors: Stephen G Cecchetti and James Yetman

Dec 2010

A user's guide to the Triennial Central Bank Survey of foreign exchange market activity

BIS Quarterly Review December 2010

Other authors: Carlos Mallo

Dec 2010

The $4 trillion question: what explains FX growth since the 2007 survey?

BIS Quarterly Review December 2010

Other authors: Dagfinn Rime

Nov 2010

Mapping capital and liquidity requirements to bank lending spreads

BIS Working Papers No 324

Sep 2009

Time to buy or just buying time? The market reaction to bank rescue packages

BIS Working Papers No 288

Sep 2009

The cost of equity for global banks: a CAPM perspective from 1990 to 2009

BIS Quarterly Review September 2009

Dec 2008

Developments in repo markets during the financial turmoil

BIS Quarterly Review December 2008

Other authors: Peter Hördahl