Kostas Tsatsaronis

Head of the CGFS Secretariat

Date BIS research papers
Dec 2017

Bank business models: popularity and performance

BIS Working Papers No 682

Other authors: Rungporn Roengpitya, Nikola Tarashev and Alan Villegas

Dec 2014

Bank business models

BIS Quarterly Review December 2014

Other authors: Rungporn Roengpitya and Nikola Tarashev

Sep 2014

Residential property price statistics across the globe

BIS Quarterly Review September 2014

Other authors: Michela Scatigna and Robert Szemere

Mar 2014

Financial structure and growth

BIS Quarterly Review March 2014

Other authors: Leonardo Gambacorta and Jing Yang

Mar 2014

The credit-to-GDP gap and countercyclical capital buffers: questions and answers

BIS Quarterly Review March 2014

Other authors: Mathias Drehmann

Mar 2013

Financial conditions and economic activity: a statistical approach

BIS Quarterly Review March 2013

Other authors: Magdalena Erdem

Jun 2012

Characterising the financial cycle: don't lose sight of the medium term!

BIS Working Papers No 380

Other authors: Mathias Drehmann and Claudio Borio

Mar 2012

Bank stock returns, leverage and the business cycle

BIS Quarterly Review March 2012

Other authors: Jing Yang

Jan 2012

Stress-testing macro stress testing: does it live up to expectations?

BIS Working Papers No 369

Other authors: Claudio Borio and Mathias Drehmann

Nov 2011

Anchoring countercyclical capital buffers: the role of credit aggregates

BIS Working Papers No 355

Other authors: Mathias Drehmann and Claudio Borio