José María Serena Garralda

Monetary and Economic Department

Jose Maria Serena Garralda joined the BIS in 2017. Previously he worked for the Bank of Spain and UNCTAD. He holds a master's degree from the Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI) and a PhD from the University of Navarre.

  • "What drives bank-intermediated trade finance? Evidence from cross-country analysis" (with G Vasishtha), International Journal of Central Banking, 2019 (forthcoming). Also published as Bank of Canada, Staff Working Papers, no 2015-8, February 2015.
  • " International reserves and gross capital flow dynamics" (with E Alberola and A Erce), Journal of International Money and Finance, vol 60, pp 151-71, February 2016. Also published as BIS Working Papers, no 512.